Reviews for Travels With A Road Dog: Hitchhiking the Americas


"Reminiscent at times of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, this is a real salt of the Earth account of a life less ordinary and more lived by a free spirit that inspires travel and adventure – standing testament to the endless possibilities of an alternative existence to that of the daily grind"

-Catherine Tosko, Self Publishing Review


"A young woman recounts her adventures traveling through four countries in this vivid debut memoir…. she has a strong practical streak that helps her live successfully in the moment. It’s a quality she brings to this enjoyable memoir. One woman’s tale of adventure on the road, in the great American tradition."

- Kirkus Indie Review


"… an entertaining armchair travel book for those who are less intrepid than the author, but who still have some wanderlust in their hearts. Other readers will be fascinated by her accounts of Rainbow Gathering, Deadhead, and hitchhiker subcultures.

In an era when everyone seems to be hardwired to his or her cell phone or laptop, it is refreshing to read about such an adventurous yet simply lived journey."

- Rachel Jagareski, ForeWord Clarion Review


"The true beauty of the book is how R.K grew within through her travels. I loved Jambo and was surprised it was possible to own and care for a pet while living on the road with close to zero money, and even take him out of the country.

R.K. did a great job sharing her road travels as she discovered herself in faraway places while learning different cultures and experiencing different people. It’s a neat book for couch travelers, and a must have for road adventure seekers! I give it four stars and encourage all adventures at heart to check it out!"

- Susan Violante, Reader Views

Travels With A Road Dog: Hitchhiking Along the Roads of the Americas