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My name is Rajam Roose and I spent my youth in North Alabama hiking and rafting. As a kid, I would put my doll in a shoe box and watch her travel the world with not much but the clothes on her back.

In my early teenage years, my rebellious nature sent me to a wilderness school for 18 months where I lived with other teens in cabins that we designed and built ourselves.

When I was 20 years old, my dream of traveling became reality. The experience of growing up in a poor household made it easy, and even preferable, to travel with few possessions.

The adventures and experiences I had were so incredible I immediately put them to paper where they languished for years before being noticed by a freelance editor from Random House who helped polish the stories into a book.

The main reason I decided to publish this story is that I love reading travel memoir and am tired of readingwomen's travel stories are about escape or "running away" from something within themselves.

What about the women who want to travel for the pure love of travel and to get to know themselves better? Where are the stories for those women? It is for those women that I published this book, to show there are women who love travel for the sake of travel.

I currently reside in San Diego and run several businesses.  I am the founder of the San Diego Pain Summit, LLC and the owner of Grow Your Massage Business. As a side, I am the San Diego Local Expert for AFAR Media.

Although I no longer hitchhike, I still enjoy traveling, hiking, and exploring the natural world.